• Are you prepared for a fire at home? Three ways to protect yourself and your family.

    are you prepared for a fire at home LystHouse

    Every year more than 12,600 people are injured in a fire, and 2,500 people die as a result of fires in their home. Not including the additional estimated $7.3 billion of direct property loss, there is a large price to be paid for an event that can not only be prevented, but can be mitigated via simple actions steps that have been proven to save lives.

    First, have a plan in place that all members of the household understand and can do. This does include children. Escape plans not only help you and your family get out safely and quickly, but they also make every second count in a dangerous situation. This plan also need to be practiced twice a year to make sure everyone knows what to do. It should include things like:

    • Teaching children not to hide from firefighters.
    • Ensuring everyone knows at least two ways out of any room, if possible. This means that if a primary normal entrance, such as a doorway out is blocked, that a secondary route such as a  ground-floor window or collapsible ladder for upper story windows, can be used instead.
    • Windows with security bars should have quick release devices that allow them to be opened during life-threatening emergency situations such as fire. And yes everyone should know how to use them.
    • Fires can spread fast, so it is important that everyone know what they should do during one, and GET OUT quickly. This also prevents injuries related to thermal burns, smoke inhalation and asphyxiation.

    Second, Fires can get completely out of control in as little as 30 seconds. Research has shown that the majority of deadly fires occur during times that people are asleep. For this reason is it imperative that a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is able to alert you and your family 24 hours a day. This should include:

    • Installing both ionization AND photoelectric smoke alarms, also known as DUAL SENSOR smoke alarms.
    • Test the batteries monthly, and replace at least once a year, or every other time you review/practice your emergency fire plan.
    • Never disable a smoke alarm while cooking or smoking, this can cause a deadly mistake and sets up bad habits that can lead to disaster. Either open a window and press the silence button, or wave a towel or other such item to move the area around the smoke alarm until it clears up.
    • Install smoke alarms in the home that cater to the needs of everyone in the home. For example, with someone in the home who has a hearing impairment should have a smoke alarm that not only has an audible component, but should also have a visual one as well, such as a strobe light, or vibrating pad attached. You can contact your local fire department for more information on these types of devices.

    Third, there are several ways to be prepared or add a little time for decisions to be made. Time is of the essence and as such it is important that all family members know what to do. If in an apartment or multi-family living facility, the building manager or neighbors should be spoken to, to assess the best course of actions to take, especially if there are children, or special needs adults in the home. Most local fire departments can be reached through non-emergency lines and provide information on special needs action steps to be taken. These can include:

    • Ensuring everyone in the home knows how to dial the fire department, or 911 for help, if time permits.
    • Ensuring that the home has exit ramps, widened doorways, or special devices such as ladders to get out of specific areas within the home.
    • Sleep with the door closed so that any fire will not spread as fast, and always check for heat before opening any door, especially when a smoke alarm is sounding.
    • Obtain the proper training to use a fire extinguisher when needed. Your local fire department can provide information on receiving such training, and can inspect your residence for fire safety and prevention. You could also consider installing a fire sprinkler system in your home.

    Recovering from a fire is mentally and physically draining and can cause undue grief. Being prepared and ensuring that your family is ready can lessen this anxiety, and save lives in the process. More information can be obtained and reviewed at www.ready.gov, or the U.S. Fire Administration’s website at www.usfa.fema.gov .

    DR Training Academy is committed to saving lives through proper training and knowledge sharing for all people. As a concierge CPR/First Aid, home and fire safety training partner, the training needs of the individual or company are utilized to fulfill requirements and personal knowledge gaps. Our mission is to eliminate preventable deaths at home, work, and in our communities through reachable hands on training and advocacy for the lay responder as well as the professional responder. For more information visit us at www.drtrainingacademy.com or call us at 817-265-5452.

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  • Where to Eat Free After a Long Day Touring Homes for Sale in Houston

    eat free homes for sale in houston

    We all know hunting for Houston homes for sale can get tiring especially after touring several homes in one day. After all that house shopping you gotta stay motivated and fueled. Our favorite food of choice? Why FREE food of course!

    The good news is you don’t have to run around the grocery store looking for free samples in Houston. In fact, you can visit these great Houston spots to try out some delicious food to keep fueled in-between or after home visits. The best part, all of the below delicious tastings are, as we like to say, “on the house”!

    3rd Floor – Midtown

    Ask for the free drunken focaccia during this bar’s happy hour and you shall receive! Order a couple of pints while you’re there to wash it all down.

    Ashford Pub – West Oaks

    The friendly barkeeps are often offering homemade eats and treats to patrons. Pop in to see if it’s your lucky day!

    Catbirds Lounge & Patio Bar- Montrose

    Who doesn’t love a good cold one and FREE popcorn to go with some great oldies but goodies playing non-stop? Located in the heart of historic Montrose, you can enjoy a live jazz trio every Monday evening with Cory Wilson!

    Chuy’s – River Oaks (& other locations)

    Smile and say cheese! We all know that the best queso is FREE! And that’s why Chuy’s definitely makes the list. Make sure you stop by to take advantage of free chips, salsa, queso, ground beef and refried beans along with discounted margarita prices! Monday thru friday 4-7pm!

    Don Carlo’s Mexican Restaurants – East End (& other locations)

    On certain days at the bar, you’ll find a free fully loaded nacho bar and other tasty yum yums like flautas.

    Piola – Midtown

    If you’re ordering drinks at the bar, you’ll also be served tasty Italian delights Mon-Friday during happy hour.

    PJ’s Sports Bar – Montrose

    Every Sunday, patrons of this dive bar bring a plethora of delicious eats to a potluck. If you really want to make some new friends, bring something too!

    Rose Garden – Heights

    The bar owner, Rose, lives across the street and frequently brings in homemade treats for customers ranging from tamales to hot dogs.

    Sunny’s – Downtown

    No better way to wash down $1 jello shots than with free popcorn!

    Ready to start searching for homes for sale in Houston? Give us a call at (855) 866-8339

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  • Understanding the 10 Steps to Homeownership

    22 February 2017
    10 steps to home ownership with lysthouse real estate

    The home buying process can seem overwhelming at first. A home purchase is a major commitment. Buying a home requires a lot of time and effort. If you follow these 10 steps to homeownership you can understand and manage your home purchase more easily.
    An informed home buyer will feel less stress and the process will flow more smoothly if you educate yourself early on. But the better you understand the process and the people/parts involved, the less stress you may feel.

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  • High-Speed Train Service Will Be a Game Changer for Real Estate in Texas

    texas bullet train Rural Viaduct Rendering 2

    Texans are poised to get a high-speed train that provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation between North Texas and Houston with a stop in the Brazos Valley. The Texas bullet train will use the proven Tokaido Shinkansen, the world-class technology that has operated for over 50 years in Japan without a single passenger injury or fatality from train accidents.

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  • Want Free Money When You Buy Your Next Home? Grant Program In Texas Gives Qualifying Home Buyers Free Money to Help

    seth texas 5 star advantage free money to buy a home grant

    If you’re looking to buy a home in Texas, we’ve got great news!

    Thanks to the SETH 5 Star Texas Advantage Program, eligible homebuyers may receive up to a 6% grant to be used for the down payment and closing costs associated with their home purchase.

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  • We’re Hiring!

    31 January 2017

    We’re making big changes around here. So big that it’s getting tough to keep up! In order to keep pace with our explosive growth, we’re looking to immediately hire talented agents to grow with us! Check out the job requirements below. If you’re interested send us your resume!

    LystHouse, the Modern Real Estate Brokerage, HQ’d in North Dallas, is revolutionizing the way real estate is done to save all of our customers time & thousands of dollars. We’re looking for licensed salaried agents to start work immediately.


    – Motivated, hard-working individuals only

    – Must be available to work weekends

    – Real Estate License Required

    – Self Starter

    – College Degree Preferred (Associates or Bachelor)

    – Tech savvy agents preferred

    – Excellent communication skills & attention to detail


    – Full time

    – Salary + Bonuses

    – Earning Potential 100k first year

    – Travel Opportunities

    – Grow with a growing company and move up fast

    – Attend fun FREE company sponsored events for you and your clients

    – Enjoy a relaxed but productive company environment

    – Flexible schedule and energetic team atmosphere


    Got what it takes? Email your resume to Hello@LystHouse.com

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  • Take a Quick Look Inside President Obama’s New Home!


    President Obama and his family are moving into a swanky tudor mansion along the picturesque Belmont road in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood just 2 miles from the White House. This posh neighborhood is already home to many diplomats

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  • Savings for Heroes Property Program


    We’re proud to announce our Savings for Heroes Property Program. If you’re a home seller who qualifies (veteran, servicemember, or first responder), and need to sell your home, our Agents will handle ALL aspects of the transaction, use modern technology and marketing to sell your home FAST, and take 0 percent commission from the sale of your home. Plus, we’re giving qualified home buyers CASH back! We’re giving back to those who give the most to their community.

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  • Happy Holidays!

    23 December 2016

    Whether you have engaged in the purchase of a new home, sold a property or just needed advice and counsel on your real estate transactions – we have enjoyed being a part of the journey with you. We appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing to help you and your friends and family in 2017.

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  • 22 Trends in Real Estate That Are Changing the Game


    1. 2017 will be the year of the technology enabled real estate brokerage. And Dallas based real estate brokerage, LystHouse, leading the way is changing how people buy and sell real estate by leveraging advanced technology, the fastest map search in the world, and a 1% service fee for home selling.

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