6 Halloween Decorations to Avoid When Trying to Sell Your Home Fast

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So Halloween is coming up and you’re in the Halloween spirit, but you’re also trying to sell your house –  Okay great! It’s a fun holiday to decorate for. But what decorations should you avoid so you don’t scare away potential home buyers? Just how far can you go when home staging for Halloween?

Experts say keep Halloween decorations neutral. Think pumpkins, hay bales, fall leaves, scarecrows. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Easy enough, right? So what Halloween decorations should you avoid? Well for starters…


#1. Clowns.

evil clown in a mask standing in a dark forest in a white veil

Come on people. Didn’t you see “IT”?? Clowns are creepy! Even if you aren’t trying to sell your home during Halloween, please don’t decorate your home with clowns.

#2. Dead Children.

dead child

Seriously? Decorating your home with creepy children, especially dead ones is wrong! You’ve got a family coming to tour your home and they usually bring their kids along. You know that’s not going to go over well with the parents right?

#3. Blood and Gore.


Scenes of horrid death and zombies are standard no-gos when home staging for Halloween. Blood and gore are not appreciated by most home buyers viewing homes with their young children. At least we hope it isn’t!

#4. A blood-spattered front door.

bloody front door halloween decorating

In case we weren’t clear with #3. Blood and gore is a no-go. Even a simple “Happy Halloween” written in red to frighten tricker treaters will also frighten away potential home buyers.

#5. Rotten pumpkins.


If you’re going to use perishables when decorating your home, you need to keep them looking fresh. Please retire the pumpkin whose life has come and gone. Nobody wants to smell that.

#6. Too many decorations.

halloween decorations

When home staging to sell your home fast, avoid over-decorating period. You want to keep your home neutral to potential home buyers so they can imagine themselves living there during other seasons as well.  Don’t go overboard! Keep your home decluttered, neutral, and as clean as possible – Not covered in cobwebs and gore!

If your Halloween dreams are shattered, fear not! Just save the blood and gore decorations for Halloween night and clean them up before your next showings! And if you really want to sell your home fast, use LystHouse. Buy your next home with us, and we’ll sell your home for FREE. Just selling? Sell for just 1% to save thousands!

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