• Home Remodeling – DIY or Hire a Pro?

    should you remodel diy or hire a pro flyphouse

    When it comes to investments, it’s hard to find something as important as your house. It’s likely your biggest investment, but it’s also the one where you live and spend so much of your time. Keeping your home in good condition carries many benefits.

    That means remodeling and renovating your Dallas home can provide benefits to you and your family. However, this is a major undertaking that could backfire if you’re not careful. (Consider what a failed remodeling project to your kitchen will cost to repair.) In addition, you have to decide whether to do it yourself or hire professionals instead. Which is best? It depends on you and the project you’re tackling.

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  • 8 Space-Saving Bathroom Ideas

    wall mounted faucets

    At LystHouse, we’re all about making things as efficient as possible. From our time and money saving technology solutions to these 8 bathroom space savers, we’ve got you covered. When deciding on bathroom space savers, smart design must be considered paramount to maximize bathroom space. Here are eight bathroom space saving tips to help you accommodate everything you need in a compact bathroom while still making it feel more roomy, open, and larger.

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