• Negotiating Tips That Every Homebuyer Should Know


    As the old saying goes, in real estate, everything is negotiable. However, when we think about it, is it really?

    When you go to purchase a house, the one thing you are looking for is competitive pricing and terms. To achieve this, you need to understand when to begin the real estate negotiating process and when to stop. This begins with you being familiar with the real estate market, and also with the area.

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  • How to Sell Your Home Fast

    Sell your home fast with LystHouse

    Selling your home fast for the highest price possible is our bread and butter at LystHouse. Here are a few quick tips on how you can make sure your home sells quickly, easily, and for the highest price you can get.

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  • Keeping Cool and Saving Money This Summer by Summer-Proofing Your Home

    Summer-Proof Your Home

    Summer is heating up about as fast as the real estate market is here in Texas! But just because it is scorching outside doesn’t mean you  need to let your electric bill skyrocket. Here are a few ways you can save money with your energy bill during these sizzling hot months.

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  • Where to Eat Free After a Long Day Touring Homes for Sale in Houston

    eat free homes for sale in houston

    We all know hunting for Houston homes for sale can get tiring especially after touring several homes in one day. After all that house shopping you gotta stay motivated and fueled. Our favorite food of choice? Why FREE food of course!

    The good news is you don’t have to run around the grocery store looking for free samples in Houston. In fact, you can visit these great Houston spots to try out some delicious food to keep fueled in-between or after home visits. The best part, all of the below delicious tastings are, as we like to say, “on the house”!

    3rd Floor – Midtown

    Ask for the free drunken focaccia during this bar’s happy hour and you shall receive! Order a couple of pints while you’re there to wash it all down.

    Ashford Pub – West Oaks

    The friendly barkeeps are often offering homemade eats and treats to patrons. Pop in to see if it’s your lucky day!

    Catbirds Lounge & Patio Bar- Montrose

    Who doesn’t love a good cold one and FREE popcorn to go with some great oldies but goodies playing non-stop? Located in the heart of historic Montrose, you can enjoy a live jazz trio every Monday evening with Cory Wilson!

    Chuy’s – River Oaks (& other locations)

    Smile and say cheese! We all know that the best queso is FREE! And that’s why Chuy’s definitely makes the list. Make sure you stop by to take advantage of free chips, salsa, queso, ground beef and refried beans along with discounted margarita prices! Monday thru friday 4-7pm!

    Don Carlo’s Mexican Restaurants – East End (& other locations)

    On certain days at the bar, you’ll find a free fully loaded nacho bar and other tasty yum yums like flautas.

    Piola – Midtown

    If you’re ordering drinks at the bar, you’ll also be served tasty Italian delights Mon-Friday during happy hour.

    PJ’s Sports Bar – Montrose

    Every Sunday, patrons of this dive bar bring a plethora of delicious eats to a potluck. If you really want to make some new friends, bring something too!

    Rose Garden – Heights

    The bar owner, Rose, lives across the street and frequently brings in homemade treats for customers ranging from tamales to hot dogs.

    Sunny’s – Downtown

    No better way to wash down $1 jello shots than with free popcorn!

    Ready to start searching for homes for sale in Houston? Give us a call at (855) 866-8339

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