• High-Speed Train Service Will Be a Game Changer for Real Estate in Texas

    texas bullet train Rural Viaduct Rendering 2

    Texans are poised to get a high-speed train that provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation between North Texas and Houston with a stop in the Brazos Valley. The Texas bullet train will use the proven Tokaido Shinkansen, the world-class technology that has operated for over 50 years in Japan without a single passenger injury or fatality from train accidents.

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  • Take a Quick Look Inside President Obama’s New Home!


    President Obama and his family are moving into a swanky tudor mansion along the picturesque Belmont road in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood just 2 miles from the White House. This posh neighborhood is already home to many diplomats

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  • Savings for Heroes Property Program


    We’re proud to announce our Savings for Heroes Property Program. If you’re a home seller who qualifies (veteran, servicemember, or first responder), and need to sell your home, our Agents will handle ALL aspects of the transaction, use modern technology and marketing to sell your home FAST, and take 0 percent commission from the sale of your home. Plus, we’re giving qualified home buyers CASH back! We’re giving back to those who give the most to their community.

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  • Happy Holidays!

    23 December 2016

    Whether you have engaged in the purchase of a new home, sold a property or just needed advice and counsel on your real estate transactions – we have enjoyed being a part of the journey with you. We appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing to help you and your friends and family in 2017.

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  • 22 Trends in Real Estate That Are Changing the Game


    1. 2017 will be the year of the technology enabled real estate brokerage. And Dallas based real estate brokerage, LystHouse, leading the way is changing how people buy and sell real estate by leveraging advanced technology, the fastest map search in the world, and a 1% service fee for home selling.

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  • How We Will Market Your Home for Sale with Modern Marketing Technology


    How will we market your home you ask? Well at Lysthouse we’re a technology-enabled real estate brokerage and we heavily leverage our sophisticated toolkit to give you advanced marketing technology across the broad spectrum of marketing channels.

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  • Why Fall is a Hot Season for Smart Home Buyers


    While Spring is the more popular season for home buyers, Smart Home Buyers that purchase in the Fall benefit tremendously. Consider these expert insights from LystHouse – The Modern Real Estate Brokerage.

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  • Text Msg Marketing for Home Sellers


    LystHouse already makes real estate easy over mobile devices. But recently, we just made it even better! Now, all homes listed with LystHouse come complete with automated text message marketing. Home buyers need only text the listing code on the For Sale sign to receive the virtual tour of the property sent to their phone.

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  • A Letter from the President

    John Wingate

    Whether you’re a current client, or considering us for the first time, Welcome to LystHouse! Home is where the heart is, and like Dorothy said, there’s no place like it. More than just land with a building and a bed where you lay your head at night, your home is breakfast in your pajamas, children taking their first steps, a warm dog cuddled up with you on the couch, & Netflix marathons with a bottle of wine (or two). It’s BBQ cookouts and Sunday night football, catching fireflies, and turning lemons into lemonade. Home is a soft place to land at the end of a long day.

    At LystHouse, we understand the importance of making a house a home and we endeavor to provide you with the highest quality of customer service and keep the personal touch of a small business, despite our rapid growth. I’m very proud of our team of agents and what we’ve been able to accomplish while pioneering the full service technology-enabled brokerage. We continually strive to save you money and make the home buying and home selling process as easy and as seamless as possible. Should you ever have an issue that requires immediate attention, or feel that your experience is less than satisfactory, feel free to reach out directly to me by email: john.wingate@lysthouse.com, or call my direct number at 281-682-1444.

    Thanks, and WELCOME to LystHouse.

    John Wingate, President – License No. 0573285

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  • LystHouse Launches City Snapshot

    city snapshot lysthouse

    Great news for home buyers! Now you can view the snapshot of a city  you’re interested in by selecting the city from the LystHouse homepage.  Complimenting our Google Street View integration, the City Snapshot allows our users to see photos and stats of the cities they are interested in in.

    Features of City Snapshot include:

    Walkability Score – this measures the walkability and pedestrian friendliness of neighborhoods based on the analysis of population density, road metrics, intersection density, block length, and hundreds of walking routes to local amenities. Amenities located within a quarter mile or 5 minute walk are given maximum points. Points decrease the longer the walk and the farther the amenities. After a walk exceeds 30 minutes, no points are given.

    Transit Score – this measures how well a city provides access to public transportation. Transit score is based on analysis of data provided by public transit agencies.

    Photos – Photos of the city are pulled from Google

    Snapshots of home for sale – Every 5 minutes we pull the newest homes for sale within a city so you get the latest status updates on homes for sale in the cities you care about.

    Properties for Rent – Every 5 minutes we pull all the newest properties for rent within a city so you get the latest status updates on homes for rent in the cities you care about.

    Local Schools – View local schools on the map

    Map and other Statistics – You’re going to love exploring the map on the City Snapshot to explore dining, entertainment, and many other local amenities!


    We added this feature to further delight our users and make their real estate search experience more informed and efficient. We know that the city and neighborhood where you buy your home is just as, if not more important than the home itself. Google Street View and now the City Snapshot allow users to get to know more about their city by providing this precious information.

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