• What to Consider Before Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

    buying a home with foundation issues

    For many, buying a home is the single most important decision they will ever make. Unfortunately, buying a home is not as easy as picking up essentials at the grocery store.

    Buying a home requires more than just a down payment. It requires patience, financial stability, and more importantly – a detail-oriented eye.

    Before buying a home, it pays to check that the home is structurally sound. A home that is structurally sound will last for generations to come. One important aspect to inspect during the buying process is the home’s foundation

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  • It’s important to reduce our environmental footprint, here are some methods you can try in your home today!

    best time to sell your home in the spring

    Composting: If you’ve never tried composting now is the time to start! Composting is taking food scraps, yard trimmings and items like coffee grounds and tea bags in a pile or bucket. The items will decompose leaving behind a highly organic fertilizer that you can spread on the front yard or in the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to start. By reusing the scraps you’re also helping reduce the amount of waste you produce!

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  • The Best Time to Sell Your Home

    best time to sell your home in the spring

    When it is finally time to sell your house, conventional wisdom states that putting it up for sale during the peak season, beginning in spring and lasting through the summer, is the best option to take. However, what if you want to wait until the offseason break? Even though this might be a good move, would you be leaving your money on the table?

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  • Holiday Home Safety Tips

    18 December 2017
    hanging christmas lights

    With all the fun, lights, decorations, and parties, it’s important to also stay safe and protect your home by taking some precautions so you can better enjoy this merry season. Below are a few Holiday Safety Tips so you can maximize your enjoyment of the most wonderful time of the year.

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  • Winterizing Your Home to Save Money On Your Energy Bill

    winterizing your home to save money on energy bills LystHouse

    The first freeze over here is a sign that winter is definitely coming. ‘Tis now the season to crank up your thermostat. Unfortunately, this might even cost you more than normal. This year, Americans will supposedly pay 15% more for their heating expenses than the last year. Here is our guide to help you winterize your home for the season.

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  • Home Remodeling – DIY or Hire a Pro?

    should you remodel diy or hire a pro flyphouse

    When it comes to investments, it’s hard to find something as important as your house. It’s likely your biggest investment, but it’s also the one where you live and spend so much of your time. Keeping your home in good condition carries many benefits.

    That means remodeling and renovating your Dallas home can provide benefits to you and your family. However, this is a major undertaking that could backfire if you’re not careful. (Consider what a failed remodeling project to your kitchen will cost to repair.) In addition, you have to decide whether to do it yourself or hire professionals instead. Which is best? It depends on you and the project you’re tackling.

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  • The Best DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

    the best DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

     It is finally here – Halloween is almost upon us, my dear spooky friends!

    Whether you catch the DIY Halloween bug from designing homemade costumes for your children, putting together funky home decor pumpkins, or getting crafty for the first time, the following Halloween decorating ideas make it simple to inexpensively trick out your house for the holidays without looking tacky.




    Boo Bottles

    You can make cute glass bottles in four easy steps: first, use empty bottles after removing labels and caps (I use Perrier ones). After that, spray-paint them white, and draw ghost faces on them with black marker. Lastly, to add more gloss to this inexpensive Halloween home decor, throw in colorful straws for artful centerpieces.

    boo bottles

    What you will need: Spray-paint ($4), colorful straws ($3)

    Cobweb Coasters


    Cups will look creepy when sitting on your eerie cobweb coasters. To make this DIY Halloween decoration, attach five bobby pins onto a small flat metal washer, and then, enfold twine around and string through each bobby pin. Also, spray-paint everything white for a ghoulish look, and disperse small toy spiders around the table. It is a fantastic idea to have fun crafting with the family without breaking the bank.

    cobweb coasters

    What you will need: bobby pins ($4), Spray-paint ($4), small Halloween spiders ($2 for 10)

    Vampire Napkin Rings

    A make-believe chomper will make your dining table look scary yet cute. Therefore, splash red Kool-Aid on white cloth napkins, arrange a white twist tie through a set of fake vampire teeth, and secure a twist tie around the center of the napkin.

    vampire napkin rings

    What you will need: plastic vampire teeth ($1), Kool-Aid ($0.50)

    Creepy Wall Hangings

    The Graphics Fairy makes decorating for Halloween simple with three free printable items and easy technique to transfer images directly onto fabric through your regular printer. (Make sure your black cartridge is high on ink). You can use wooden embroidery hoops to hang the printed fabric. However, if fabric-hanging home decorating idea does not resonate with you, put pictures into the frames and hang them up around your home.

    freaky frames

    What you will need: Wooden embroidery hoops ($2)

    Decorate Lanterns

    It is got to be the most straightforward DIY Halloween home decor concept: all you need to do is to cut cute faces out of a black paper and glue them onto a strand of white lights with paper lanterns.


    What you will need: lanterns ($11), black paper ($3)

    Festoon a Pumpkin

    You can add a touch of sweet in the mirage of all things spooky by adding freshly cut blooms to a blazing pink squash. It is permissible to snip stems about two inches from buds, drill tiny holes in the painted rind, and stick in the buds. You can keep the centerpiece fresh for the guests by periodically spraying water on it.

    festoon a pumpkin

    What you will need: pink spray paint ($8)

     Dish Out the Punch

    Convert a hollowed-out pumpkin into an organic punch bowl by filling it with cider. It is a fantastic idea to greet your guests with a punch, oozing with the spirit of the holidays. Moreover, it is one less dish to wash after it is all said and done.

    pumpkin punch

    What you will need: ladle ($10), pumpkin scoop ($10)

    Dress the Windows

    Another smashing Halloween home decor idea is smartly putting candles in the corners to create dark shadows. Moreover, putting ghostly white tapers in a candelabra from a yard sale can alleviate the creepiness of flying bats and cobwebs.

    dress the windows halloween

    What you will need: candelabra ($40), candles ($10 for a pack of 10)

    Forever Pumpkins

    For budgeted jack-o-lantern, DIY Halloween decorations that will last past the holidays cover empty jars with orange tissue paper or construction paper. After that add features with black construction paper and place in a tea candle—with flames, or battery-operated—and see your pumpkin glow.

    forever pumpkins

    What you will need: Construction paper ($4), tealight candles ($1)


    Bloody Table Runner

    No Halloween home decor is complete without a bloodily festive dining table. Your materials are red acrylic paint, gauze, and a paintbrush. Swab your paintbrush into the paint and intermittently brush along the gauze runner. Also, for a genuinely Dexter-inspired look, pinch some red paint onto Mason jars for candle votives and on plastic cups. Lastly, add a couple of handprints for really gruesome look.

    halloween table runner

    What you will need: red acrylic paint ($9), paintbrush ($1)

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  • Keeping Cool and Saving Money This Summer by Summer-Proofing Your Home

    Summer-Proof Your Home

    Summer is heating up about as fast as the real estate market is here in Texas! But just because it is scorching outside doesn’t mean you  need to let your electric bill skyrocket. Here are a few ways you can save money with your energy bill during these sizzling hot months.

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  • Are you prepared for a fire at home? Three ways to protect yourself and your family.

    are you prepared for a fire at home LystHouse

    Every year more than 12,600 people are injured in a fire, and 2,500 people die as a result of fires in their home. Not including the additional estimated $7.3 billion of direct property loss, there is a large price to be paid for an event that can not only be prevented, but can be mitigated via simple actions steps that have been proven to save lives.

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  • 10 Cost-Effective Steps to Winterizing Your Home On a Budget


    At LystHouse, we LOVE saving you money. And you can save a lot of it, all while staying cozy and warm throughout this winter, if you act now and take these 10 simple and cost-effective steps to winterizing your home before the cold arrives.

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