• How to Sell Your Home Fast

    Sell your home fast with LystHouse

    Selling your home fast for the highest price possible is our bread and butter at LystHouse. Here are a few quick tips on how you can make sure your home sells quickly, easily, and for the highest price you can get.

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  • Savings for Heroes Property Program


    We’re proud to announce our Savings for Heroes Property Program. If you’re a home seller who qualifies (veteran, servicemember, or first responder), and need to sell your home, our Agents will handle ALL aspects of the transaction, use modern technology and marketing to sell your home FAST, and take 0 percent commission from the sale of your home. Plus, we’re giving qualified home buyers CASH back! We’re giving back to those who give the most to their community.

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  • How We Will Market Your Home for Sale with Modern Marketing Technology


    How will we market your home you ask? Well at Lysthouse we’re a technology-enabled real estate brokerage and we heavily leverage our sophisticated toolkit to give you advanced marketing technology across the broad spectrum of marketing channels.

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  • Top 5 Tips for Selling Your House During the Holidays


    Thinking about Selling your home during the holidays? November to January is considered by many to be one of the worst times to sell your home. However; there are some great advantages for serious home sellers. Less competition and serious home hunters means more attention for your home by motivated home buyers. And because emotions play such a huge role in buying a home, you can capitalize on the holiday season by helping buyers see themselves celebrating next year in your home. Check out these Top 5 Tips to Selling Your House During the Holidays!

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  • Painting to Sell Your House Fast – Home Staging


    If you are thinking about selling your home, you should know that first impressions are everything to home buyers. One quick home improvement you can make to sell your home faster is to paint the interiors. Whether you need to remove old wallpaper or just update your walls with a fresh and current look, a little fresh paint is sometimes all it takes to woo over a home buyer and take that home from “for sale” to “sold”.

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  • Multiple offers and the signs of a lazy agent

    Multiple offers

    We’re asked frequently what the best strategy is when dealing with multiple offers in a hot market. Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas which, as of the writing of this post in Oct 2016, is an extremely hot market. We help both buyers and sellers in this market and we have had TONS of experience in dealing with multiple offer scenarios, and recently after one dealing, noticed something that many home sellers or home buyers just don’t see. The best and highest offer strategy is a lazy way for both agents to pick the highest offer price, or best looking contract, out of the group of contracts. Being a broker – it is my understanding that the agent/brokers primary job is to get you the best deal possible. How then, by drawing a line in the sand, and picking the highest offer, are they performing their fiduciary duty to get you the best deal? Well – the answer is – they aren’t.

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  • 10 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas


    It’s that time of the year again! Happy Fall y’all! Pumpkin spice lattes are in full swing. Autumn is typically the slow season in real estate, so whether you’re thinking about selling your home, or just want to get a little festive, it’s time to give that porch a makeover and plenty of curb appeal! Take a gander at these 10 fall porch decorating ideas to welcome the harvest season. Take notes home sellers and use these tips to take home staging to the next level to help sell your home fast!

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  • Text Msg Marketing for Home Sellers


    LystHouse already makes real estate easy over mobile devices. But recently, we just made it even better! Now, all homes listed with LystHouse come complete with automated text message marketing. Home buyers need only text the listing code on the For Sale sign to receive the virtual tour of the property sent to their phone.

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  • This couple built the most incredible floating home!

    Facebook / Catherine King

    We’ve all fantasized about selling our home and living off the grid at one point or another.

    If I had the money, I’d sell my home and live on my own private island. I never thought about building it myself though… until I saw this video. What this couple has done is incredible!

    Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King built a sustainable island home just off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. They’ve spent 24 years working diligently and named their floating home Freedom Cove. Check out these cool photos and be sure to watch the video below!

    Their home is floating!

    Floating Greenhouses and Gardens to Grow their Own Food!

    What a Great View!

    Would you live on a floating home like this? Let us know in the comments below!

    (via MindBodyGreen)

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  • LystHouse Launches City Snapshot

    city snapshot lysthouse

    Great news for home buyers! Now you can view the snapshot of a city  you’re interested in by selecting the city from the LystHouse homepage.  Complimenting our Google Street View integration, the City Snapshot allows our users to see photos and stats of the cities they are interested in in.

    Features of City Snapshot include:

    Walkability Score – this measures the walkability and pedestrian friendliness of neighborhoods based on the analysis of population density, road metrics, intersection density, block length, and hundreds of walking routes to local amenities. Amenities located within a quarter mile or 5 minute walk are given maximum points. Points decrease the longer the walk and the farther the amenities. After a walk exceeds 30 minutes, no points are given.

    Transit Score – this measures how well a city provides access to public transportation. Transit score is based on analysis of data provided by public transit agencies.

    Photos – Photos of the city are pulled from Google

    Snapshots of home for sale – Every 5 minutes we pull the newest homes for sale within a city so you get the latest status updates on homes for sale in the cities you care about.

    Properties for Rent – Every 5 minutes we pull all the newest properties for rent within a city so you get the latest status updates on homes for rent in the cities you care about.

    Local Schools – View local schools on the map

    Map and other Statistics – You’re going to love exploring the map on the City Snapshot to explore dining, entertainment, and many other local amenities!


    We added this feature to further delight our users and make their real estate search experience more informed and efficient. We know that the city and neighborhood where you buy your home is just as, if not more important than the home itself. Google Street View and now the City Snapshot allow users to get to know more about their city by providing this precious information.

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