Checklist: What to Look for on Final Home Walkthrough

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Finally, you are going to become a homeowner, but just before you seal the deal, one crucial step still remains – ensuring all the rooms and walls are in good shape, just the way you had agreed upon with the seller. One final walkthrough will help you evaluate the current condition of the house and is a crucial undertaking, as it is your last chance to ensure that everything in the house is in working order. Having a comprehensive walk through inspection checklist in hand will allow you to make sure that you have covered all your bases, and everything is exactly how you wanted it to be.

Do not forget to take this home buying walkthrough checklist with you before going for a final walk-through in your new home:

New Home Walk-Through Checklist 

  1. Are all the items that you purchased along with the house present?
  2. Have all the unwanted and personal items of the previous owner been removed?
  3. Have all the important repairs been made according to your preference?
  4. Have the bills associated with those repairs been delivered to you?
  5. How is the condition of the house in terms of cleanliness and tidiness?
  6. Are there any damages caused by the movers to the walls, floors or doors?
  7. Are there any pet-induced damages?
  8. Is there any sign of water damage near windows and other appliances?
  9. Are there any signs of a pest infestation in the home (such as crumbling timbers or dry rot)?

Machines and Other Equipment Checklist: 

  1. Are the stove, oven, and burner in working order?
  2. Is the fridge working? (Check if the cooling is optimal)
  3. Use the microwave to see if it’s working
  4. Is the dishwasher completing the whole cycle?
  5. Are the washer and dryer working optimally?
  6. Is the garbage disposal in working order?


Electric Switches, Sockets and Circuits Checklist:

  1. Check all the light switches to see if they work
  2. Check the switch plates to see if there are any damages
  3. Is the wiring in any area exposed?
  4. Is the doorbell working?
  5. Check all the outlets to see if they work
  6. Trying opening and closing the garage door to see if it is working properly
  7. Check all the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to make sure that they are working optimally
  8. Check the ceiling fans in each room to make sure all the fans are in working order.


Sanitation Checklist:

  1. Check all the toilet flushes to see if they’re working properly and there are no leakages
  2. Check all the drains of the sinks, showers, and tubs to make sure they aren’t clogged.
  3. Check all the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms and see if the water pressure is sufficient
  4. Check all the faucets in the house to see if there are any leakages
  5. Check if the geysers are working optimally


HVAC Systems Checklist

  1. Are the heating systems working optimally?
  2. Are the air conditioning units in each room working properly?
  3. Is the thermostat working properly?


Doors and Windows

  1. Check all the windows present in the house to see if there are any broken or damaged windows
  2. Try opening and closing the windows to see if they’re functioning smoothly without any issues
  3. Check all the doors in the house to ensure that they are opening and closing smoothly
  4. Check all the locks and latches to ensure that they’re working properly.
  5. Look for signs of fog or condensation around double-paned windows


Basement and Attic Checklist

  1. Is the basement and attic empty?
  2. Is there any exposed plumbing?
  3. Check for any signs of pest infestations in the basement


Outdoor walk through inspection checklist

  1. Are the sprinklers working properly?
  2. Is the landscaping according to your preference?


Make sure to go through this new home punch list before your final home inspection. If you find any issues when doing your final walk-through, immediately share them with your LystHouse real estate agent, and they will work to resolve those issues within a short period of time.

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