Decorating Your House for the Holidays

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 Decorating your house for the holidays can become a hassle when you do not know the easy ways you can instantly spice up your holiday decorations. Here are some easy ways, using which, you can beautify your home in a matter of minutes and make it holiday-ready!


Use an Assortment of Candles

christmas candles

Candles have forever been a classic way to add a joyous mood to your house. To add a sense of regality for a group of pillar candles in varying heights massed altogether in a platter. Scented candles too, can be used around the house to help make the room feel cozier and create an amazing ambiance. 


Set up A Bar Cart

bar cart

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to set up a bar cart. Holidays are the time when you can always be ready to throw a quality cocktail party by installing a fully loaded bar cart along the entryway. This way, the guests would be encouraged to help themselves as they walk in. 

Change Your Cushions and Pillows

christmas pillows

The perfect way to spice up your holiday decoration is to replace the lightweight linen blankets and cotton cushions with cozier and chunkier textures. Knits, velvets, and plaid patterns are some of the options you could go for. Accent items, for example, a cliquey throw on the arm of your chair by the fireplace instantly creates warmth. Adding a pop of colors to the otherwise bleak room, and will also hype up the holiday festivities.


Give the Traditional Wreath a Festive Twist

christmas wreath

Instead of the traditional evergreen wreath, you could go for a homemade one made using citrus fruits. It is very easy to make and provides your front door with an appealing and welcoming vibe. Begin with one circular piece of the florists’ foam, moving on to using wooden florists’ picks to secure larger fruits, like oranges. Then continue with the smaller items, such as limes and kumquats. Tie all of this with a thick bright red velvet ribbon.


Monochromatic Color Scheme

christmas color scheme

Less is more. For a more classy and elegant vibe, go for the Monochromatic Color Palette. A simple idea to follow can be decorating a small white tree with smaller objects sharing the same color scheme. Some items which can be included are candy canes, red bows, and peppermints. Place it on either side of the table.

Make Your Home Smell like Holidays

christmas smells

Christmas has its own cozy smell of baking cookies and warmness. To achieve this perfect festive aroma, simmer DIY holiday potpourri on the stove. This will give your house an instantly cozy vibe that is necessary to ramp up the festivities. 


Windowsill Flair

christmas window flair

The window ledge is often overlooked during the decoration, but it can offer numerous decorating opportunities. Pine boughs can be used to provide a charming effect when placed in a large vase. Hanging white starfish around the windows, or sticking them on to it can create the effect of snowflakes, even if they are not falling from the skies. 


Invite Nature inside Your Home

christmas apples

This trick is easy to achieve and also helps you stay within the budget. Simply head out to collect your decoration ornaments. Orchids, Maidenhair Ferns, Green Hydrangeas and Orange Lilies, when displayed on a silver tray, provide a regal and majestic vibe to the entire room. A wooden bowl full of red and green apples too, can simply, yet artistically lead to a homey and comfy holiday vibe.


Illuminate Illuminate Illuminate

christmas lights

It is the holiday season after all! Light up everything using twinkling topiaries, which look extremely magical when hung around the fireplace. You can either purchase them readymade from the market or make them at home when you are on a budget!

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