Great News for Home Sellers as Rising Home Sales Heat Up North Texas Housing Market

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Is now the right time to sell your home? If you’re asking yourself that question in north Texas, there is good news. The North Texas housing market is heating up, and now is a great time for home sales.

Dumax_investmente to rising inventory of more and more houses becoming available on the market, median home sale prices have risen 9% since 2015 alone according to the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

North Texas is also seeing a new shift as more and more home sellers and buyers alike switch from using traditional real estate agents to using full service technology enabled brokerages like LystHouse.

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“As home sales increase across North Texas, we’ve seen steady growth in home sellers seeking to maximize their ROI and their time by using our headache-free, technology enabled platform.” said John Wingate with Real Estate Brokerage LystHouse. “We are pioneering the digital brokerage by combining live, in person real estate agents with technology and automation, helping home sellers save thousands.”


Wingate said that LystHouse is not eliminating a real estate agent from the process. Customer focus is paramount to the company and home sellers get as much realtor support as they need in person, over the phone, or through one of LystHouse’s many technology enabled tools.

“We’re taking real estate into the 21st century, pioneering the online brokerage” he said. “Other sites require long lead times and LOTs of manual intervention to get your house listed.  Being technology people, we have found ways to make all of this happen automatically. That means your home is listed faster, and we can spend all our time on helping you sell your home.  Its a win win and lets us keep our prices low.”


Traditional real estate agents take a 3% commission, LystHouse takes only 1%. The added financial advantage for home sellers is if they buy a new house with LystHouse, the company will sell their house for free. These savings add up to save home sellers thousands of dollars that they can put into their new home or their own pocket.

Home Sales are expected to continue to climb and home sellers seeking to maximize their profit would be smart to give LystHouse a try.