How Technology Enabled Real Estate Brokerages Are Disrupting The Entire Real Estate Industry

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In 2016, one company, LystHouse, Inc., is disrupting the traditional real estate industry by pioneering the technology enabled real estate brokerage and eliminating ridiculously high commissions for traditional real estate agents, all while putting excellent customer service at the forefront of their business model.

You would have thought that this would have been done years ago. But the gap between what real estate agents and brokerages want and what home sellers and buyers want has only grown. LystHouse aims to change that by offering a stress free technology enabled solution that makes it easy to list your home for sale yet still provides all the service of a traditional real estate agent over online chat, over the phone, or in person, all while eliminating ridiculously high commissions. This is already saving their customers thousands and thousands of dollars.

So far, LystHouse has been able to do this with very little investment. That’s because the CEO, John Wingate, understands technology and the real estate industry and is emphatic that the customer always comes first. “We’re cutting out big real estate commissions, and putting our customer first by giving them an awesome support team of seasoned and local real estate agents, that care more about their customers’ satisfaction than about their commission.” Wingate said in an interview.

On the contrary, if you look behind the curtain at what other companies have done up to this point, they have taken millions and millions of dollars and are still using antiquated technologies, shared drives, and inefficient systems that don’t provide the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate agent to the home seller and home buyer. Companies  have been using technology only catering to recruit real estate agents with shiny bells and whistles that help agents promote themselves with websites and marketing tools and little focus on making the process as easy as possible for the home buyer and home seller.

What is the future of the real estate industry? One thing is sure, customer focus will be paramount and the real estate agent won’t be entirely left out of the equation. Because consumers are dealing with such an important investment, many will continue to seek out good advice from a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent – while at home still in their pajamas. What LystHouse has taught us, is that the archaic real estate system of the olden days is done for -along with ridiculously high commissions for real estate agents. Through automation of the home sale and home buying process, LystHouse is disrupting inefficient traditional real estate agents and putting the good agents to work focusing primarily on customer service and not on their commission.

Investors considering new real estate technologies should take a look at this new company, LystHouse, Inc., and how they are pioneering the future of the real estate industry and disrupting the outmoded system of yore.

LystHouse is serving as an ideal model for the future evolution of technology enabled real estate brokerages. This will include putting real estate agents on a salary, giving real estate agents the right tools to work with on the go, significantly lowering traditionally high 3% commissions, and putting the customer first.

For more information on how to sell your home call  (855) 866-8339 or connect with LystHouse on Facebook.