It’s important to reduce our environmental footprint, here are some methods you can try in your home today!

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Composting: If you’ve never tried composting now is the time to start! Composting is taking food scraps, yard trimmings and items like coffee grounds and tea bags in a pile or bucket. The items will decompose leaving behind a highly organic fertilizer that you can spread on the front yard or in the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to start. By reusing the scraps you’re also helping reduce the amount of waste you produce!




Don’t Wash with Hot Water: Contrary to popular belief you don’t need hot water to get clean clothes. In fact, a washer uses 90% of its energy alone heating the water while the other 10% is used to run the actual machine. Just by washing with cooler water, you could be saving money and the planet!




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Change Those Light Bulbs: Incandescent bulbs are an energy waster and so last century. Save energy and money by switching to a greener alternative such as fluorescents and the more popular LED.



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Unplug Unused Chargers: Many people don’t realize that your charger sitting in your bedroom is wasting energy. These are called “energy vampires” because they drain away power without providing a benefit.




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Seal Your Windows: Make sure your windows are air and water tight. No reason to be air conditioning the entire neighborhood!



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Install Solar Panels: In Texas, the sun is our best friend (especially in the Summer). Why not use this ever-providing resource of clean and free energy? Solar panels are a great way to reduce your dependency on non-renewable resources.




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Install a Storm Door: With the recent ecological events that have occurred in the past year, a storm door might not be such a bad idea. Not only will it help protect your home against high winds but it can also prevent 50% of energy lost from the front door. Best part is these doors are  inexpensive and run from as little as $75 all the way up to $200.





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Add Insulation to your Attic: Adding insulation in your attic can help reduce cool/heat from escaping from the roof. The average cost of insulating your attic is around $1500

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