LystHouse Inc., Welcomes Youngest Employee to the Board of Directors & Touts New Microchip Technology

1 April 2016
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DALLAS, Texas – April 1st, 2016-LystHouse Inc., announced that their youngest employee, Jayla Wingate, is joining the board of directors.

Jayla received her formal education at Mother’s Day Out Day Care and graduated with 4 stars and a smiley face. She is the youngest member of the board highlighting the Company’s push to engage with more Millennials.

“What better way to engage with Millennials than by hiring someone who is a Millennial and will get to know our audience on a personal level and really grow with the company. She will be raised to be the perfect Millennial Real Estate Agent.” Selin Wingate, Director of Customer Success, said in an interview.

The company is developing highly advanced real estate technology and Jayla will be the first to use the company’s new brain microchip. The chip is injected into the brain and syncs straight to the MLS so the agent can instantly price your home and direct you to new homes on the market. This technology was approved by the Department of Defense just last year.

All of LystHouse Inc. employees will be fitted with this brain chip and is one of the ways they are able to save their customers thousands of dollars. For more information contact LystHouse here.