LystHouse Real Estate Brokerage Launches in Dallas / Ft Worth – DFW Home Sales Will Never Be the Same

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DALLAS, Texas – April, 2016-LystHouse Inc., debuted their online brokerage service to residents of the DFW Metroplex, the easiest way to sell your house and maximize your ROI.

LystHouse is a real estate brokerage for the digital age and they are changing the archaic real estate process of yore by focusing on the customer, reducing commissions, and providing superior, consistent service, not currently offered by anyone else.

“We are thrilled to open to our first market in Texas,” said John Wingate, LystHouse’s President. “With free tools to sell your home, access, and simple configure-to-order options to maximize your home selling and renting efforts, LystHouse is a great destination for client looking to optimize and simplify their real estate needs and save thousands of dollars.”

Just in time for the home buying and home selling season, LystHouse leverages technology so you no longer have the power of just one real estate agent at your disposal, but an entire team focusing on getting your house sold and making sure you’re happy. Not only do you have more real estate agents working for you, but less money is coming out of your pocket. The agents are leveraging LystHouse’s proprietary technology to get more houses sold than ever before, and clients are getting their home sold faster than ever before with more offers over LystPrice. One house in Mesquite, TX just sold in March in under 24 hrs and over LystPrice. With LystHouse winning the hearts and minds of more and more Texans, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Also starting today, LystHouse customers all over Texas can speak with a licensed real estate agent and get the knowledge of a seasoned expert for free.

LystHouse is leading the real estate revolution with it’s simple home buying and home selling process. Now you can buy or sell your home without ever leaving your couch or seeing a real estate agent in person, unless of course you want to talk to one on video chat, thru email, over the phone, or in person in select cities like Dallas. LystHouse real estate technology is defining the future of real estate. And millennials are diggin’ it.

In fact, LystHouse Inc, was founded by millennials, for the millennial real estate agent and serves a growing population of millennial customers. LystHouse is the first real estate brokerage to create millennial-friendly sales, customer experience and customer service approach for home sellers and home buyers.

Millennials crave self service. They don’t want a real estate agent in their way but they want them at their disposal to answer questions and do the negotiations and paperwork. With LystHouse you can sell your home without ever speaking to, or seeing your real estate agent if you like. You control the process and can go as fast or as slow as you want.

With LystHouse, clients can create an account, price their house, enjoy the fun of new technology as they explore homes and they can customize their home selling or home buying right from their simple and easy to use dashboard. Then they can save their preferences, and continue where they left off from any of their devices.

If you would like to talk to LystHouse Real Estate Agents and learn more about the company, LystHouse is throwing a Pawty in support of Rockwall Pets, a no kill animal shelter, on May 14th, 2016 at the Turkish Cafe and Lounge in Plano, TX.

LystHouse client base continues to grow as they sell more and more houses in the DFW metroplex. Do you want to sell your house or buy a new home? Get started today.

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