Painting to Sell Your House Fast – Home Staging

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If you are thinking about selling your home, you should know that first impressions are everything to home buyers. One quick home improvement you can make to sell your home faster is to paint the interiors. Whether you need to remove old wallpaper or just update your walls with a fresh and current look, a little fresh paint is sometimes all it takes to woo over a home buyer and take that home from “for sale” to “sold”.

Choose your paint colors

Remember, you’re painting your house to sell it. Not everybody will appreciate a bold fuchsia in the living room. So, for the love of money, don’t distract potential home buyers with outlandish style. Go with rich, neutral colors like linen, cream, or beige to enhance the home buyer’s experience previewing your home. For more information on picking out paint colors, check out this article on 10 Paint Colors to Sell Your Home.

Determine how much paint you will need to paint your house interiors

A gallon of paint will cover about 200 square feet with 2 coats. Take your time to measure the dimensions accurately so you get enough paint the first time and don’t have to make another trip back to the store.

Choose the paint type you will use

Typically, a store associate can help you decide this. In most cases latex paint will be fine and cleans up easily with soap and water. You could use oil based paints for trim but you must be extremely careful! It’s also important to remember that when painting your house to sell, home buyers can tell the difference between cheap paint and quality paint. If you want to sell your home fast, it’s worth it to spend the extra money here and get a mid-range paint that shows it’s quality to home buyers well.


House painting supplies

Brushes, rollers, pans, paint tape, and tarp go a long way in aiding to the quality and efficiency of your house painting project. You’ll want a few pans and plenty of rollers for your friends. Don’t forget the pizza and beer you’ll also need to purchase which in my own personal experience goes a long way in recruiting some house painting help!

Refresh outdoor spaces

While you’re at it, it might not hurt to put a fresh coat on the mailbox post, fencing, and the front door. You want to sell your home quick, and home buyers love outdoor decks and patios, so you’ll also want to make sure they are freshly stained! And if your exterior looks like heck, yes, you may want to paint that too and freshen up that curb appeal.

Home Sellers need to consider all of the home staging tips and best practices they can get so they can sell property fast in today’s housing market. Have you got any house painting tips for home sellers? Let us know in the comments below!

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