• LystHouse Real Estate Brokerage Launches in Dallas / Ft Worth – DFW Home Sales Will Never Be the Same

    lysthouse launches in dallas

    LystHouse is a real estate brokerage for the digital age and they are changing the archaic real estate process of yore by focusing on the customer, reducing commissions, and providing superior, consistent service, not currently offered by anyone else.

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  • Great Time for Veterans in Texas to Take Advantage of A VA Home Loan


    Hey all,

    6% commission assassin and your favorite real estate blogger, Jon, here. It is gorgeous outside today in Dallas, TX and I wanted to take the time to let y’all know what is going on in the real estate market here around our HQ here in the DFW metroplex. In case you missed my blog on the North TX Real Estate Market, let me catch you up to speed. Now is a great time for home sellers in North, TX. And if you are thinking about selling your home, seriously, give LystHouse a call. We are looking out for you and we know every penny counts when you’re moving. It can be a big headache. BUT, our team here is going to make it easy for you and take excellent care of you. That, I PROMISE.

    I just used a VA home loan to purchase my first home. I am so glad I had LystHouse walk me thru the entire process. I saved about $10,000.  Let me also tell you that my girlfriend is super happy too.

    You know at LystHouse about 1/4 of our employees, including myself, are Military Veterans or still serving in the Reserves or in some fashion. We run a tight ship and are really proud of our Military team that we use as a workforce multiplier going to fight for home sellers and home buyers every single day. If you need help with your veteran’s home loan or have questions, just ask to speak to any one of our Veteran’s on our staff here. They will set you straight.

    Going back to the DFW Real Estate Market, let me say one thing. The real estate industry here is losing their death grip on the MLS. Thankfully, LystHouse has the courage to fight against these ridiculously high 3% commissions by leveraging the power of technology. It makes things super easy for our real estate agents, but most importantly, it makes things easy for you, our customer. That is our priority and is at the forefront of our business model.

    You know, real estate agents that aren’t leveraging technology are way behind the times. They are gonna have to ditch the brochures, ditch their rolodex, and catch up and lower their commissions or else their business just will not survive. They are going to have to do the RIGHT thing. I’m proud I work for a company that is leading that fight not just professionally, but also morally, and ethically.

    Again, if you want to sell a home, buy a home, take advantage of a veterans home loan, or just talk to someone about what your real estate options are, give LystHouse a call. We are here to help answer your real estate questions. You’ll get as much professional real estate agent support as you need or want.

    Call us for immediate assistance. (855)866-8339


    Jonathan Shields – Real Estate Blogger


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  • What Real Estate Agents with OTHER Brokerages Are Saying About LystHouse

    What Real Estate Agents from Other Brokerages Say About LystHouse

    How is LystHouse revolutionizing the technology enabled real estate brokerage you ask? It’s simple. We’re utilizing our proprietary technology to do the heavy lifting for our real estate agents and eliminating high commissions from the archaic home selling equation. This frees our tech savvy real estate agents up to help you close on your property faster, by concentrating on and providing our customers with excellent customer service.

    Traditional real estate agents charge 3% to sell your home. And while sellers still have to pay a commission fee to the buyer’s real estate agent, the commission that LystHouse charges is only 1%. And because we’ve slashed the commission down so much, this saves our customers thousands of dollars. But as they say, when wood is chopped, splinters will fall.

    Here is what other REAL real estate agents with OTHER brokerages are saying about what LystHouse is doing:

    “No real estate agent is going to put the work in for a client for 1%.”

    “I would never do that for anyone!”

    “Way too much work.”

    – Quotes from actual Real Estate Agents in Dallas

    The real estate industry has been ripe for change, and change has come. So while those real estate agents are flipping through their Rolodexes and handing out flyers while they cling to their outmoded marketing strategy and archaic business model, LystHouse is empowering consumers and real estate agents alike with a better solution. LystHouse is able to put in the work and still provide excellent customer service to all of our clients all while charging a low fee, and this scares traditional real estate agents. LystHouse is challenging the real estate establishment’s M.O. and utilizing proprietary technology to make the home selling and home buying process as easy as possible for their customers. And this is good for LystHouse real estate agents too because it simplifies the process for them and allows them to concentrate on customer service first and foremost.

    LystHouse, Inc., based in Dallas, TX, has come a long way since it started in 2015 with very little outside investment. Other brokerages have tried to utilize technology in the past investing millions and millions of dollars on bells and whistles that have done little to actually simplify the home selling and home buying process for the customer. To make matters worse, they have been ineffective at executing in the best interest for their customers.

    At LystHouse, customer service is our top concern. Buying and selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult, and you shouldn’t have to pay so much money! Let’s face it, traditional real estate commissions are ridiculous! And traditional real estate brokerages make it confusing. At LystHouse, we’re committed to making the process as easy as possible for our customers by offering 24/7 real estate agent support over chat, on the phone, or even in person with white glove full service agent support in select cities.

    As long as us radicals over here at LystHouse are breaking down traditional real estate establishment walls, we’ll go a step further. Buy your house with LystHouse, and we’ll sell your house for free! We don’t think you’ll find a better deal.

    So go ahead and give LystHouse a shot. Our friendly and licensed real estate agents are standing by to assist you over chat, email, or over the phone. You can also reach LystHouse on Facebook.

    Call for immediate assistance! (855) 866-8339


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  • How Technology Enabled Real Estate Brokerages Are Disrupting The Entire Real Estate Industry

    How Technology Enabled Real Estate Brokerages Are Disrupting The Entire Real Estate Industry

    In 2016, one company, LystHouse, Inc., is disrupting the traditional real estate industry by pioneering the technology enabled real estate brokerage and eliminating ridiculously high commissions for traditional real estate agents, all while putting excellent customer service at the forefront of their business model.

    You would have thought that this would have been done years ago. But the gap between what real estate agents and brokerages want and what home sellers and buyers want has only grown. LystHouse aims to change that by offering a stress free technology enabled solution that makes it easy to list your home for sale yet still provides all the service of a traditional real estate agent over online chat, over the phone, or in person, all while eliminating ridiculously high commissions. This is already saving their customers thousands and thousands of dollars.

    So far, LystHouse has been able to do this with very little investment. That’s because the CEO, John Wingate, understands technology and the real estate industry and is emphatic that the customer always comes first. “We’re cutting out big real estate commissions, and putting our customer first by giving them an awesome support team of seasoned and local real estate agents, that care more about their customers’ satisfaction than about their commission.” Wingate said in an interview.

    On the contrary, if you look behind the curtain at what other companies have done up to this point, they have taken millions and millions of dollars and are still using antiquated technologies, shared drives, and inefficient systems that don’t provide the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate agent to the home seller and home buyer. Companies  have been using technology only catering to recruit real estate agents with shiny bells and whistles that help agents promote themselves with websites and marketing tools and little focus on making the process as easy as possible for the home buyer and home seller.

    What is the future of the real estate industry? One thing is sure, customer focus will be paramount and the real estate agent won’t be entirely left out of the equation. Because consumers are dealing with such an important investment, many will continue to seek out good advice from a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent – while at home still in their pajamas. What LystHouse has taught us, is that the archaic real estate system of the olden days is done for -along with ridiculously high commissions for real estate agents. Through automation of the home sale and home buying process, LystHouse is disrupting inefficient traditional real estate agents and putting the good agents to work focusing primarily on customer service and not on their commission.

    Investors considering new real estate technologies should take a look at this new company, LystHouse, Inc., and how they are pioneering the future of the real estate industry and disrupting the outmoded system of yore.

    LystHouse is serving as an ideal model for the future evolution of technology enabled real estate brokerages. This will include putting real estate agents on a salary, giving real estate agents the right tools to work with on the go, significantly lowering traditionally high 3% commissions, and putting the customer first.

    For more information on how to sell your home call  (855) 866-8339 or connect with LystHouse on Facebook.

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  • Savvy Home Sellers Are Already Using Technology Enabled Real Estate Brokerages, and That Scares Traditional Real Estate Agents

    Good News for Savvy #HomeSellers embracing Technology Enabled #RealEstate Brokerages

    The real estate industry is facing many fundamental shifts this year. Traditional Real Estate Agents are seeing their clients turn to technology enabled brokerages. That’s one of the reasons Dallas based brokerage and real estate industry disrupter, LystHouse Inc., is investing a whole lot money in their real estate agents and automated, technology based real estate systems this year.

    The archaic system of real estate agents and the home selling process has not changed much since its inception well before the internet was invented. Now, with LystHouse, you get all the benefits of having a real agent, coupled with LystHouse’s new technology enabled systems, allowing LystHouse customers to save an average of $8,495.00 when selling their home.

    LystHouse provides all the tools and services of a traditional real estate brokerage but with slick technology and low overhead to pass the savings on to their customers. LystHouse only charges 1% to sell property with an agent, and the best marketing, and technology available. If you buy a home with LystHouse, the company will sell your house for free. Some are calling LystHouse the Uber of the real estate industry just because of how revolutionary the LystHouse home selling technology is, and they are certainly sending shockwaves throughout the real estate industry as traditional real estate agents are being rendered obsolete.

    Millennials aren’t the only ones taking advantage of new real estate technology that automates the home buying process. At Lysthouse Inc., about 15 percent of customer acquisition this year alone was of Seniors aged 65 and over.

    “It’s very advantageous for home sellers over using a traditional real estate agent” said John Wingate, CEO of LystHouse Inc. “We thought our target market would primarily be millennials and those more comfortable with technology but we’re finding we were wrong. We’re getting customers from every end of the spectrum: young and old, male, and female. Everybody wants to maximize their ROI (return on investment) when they sell their home and LystHouse has the highest average of savings in the real estate and home sales industry.”  

    Wingate also added that he believes the diverse customer base was due to “ease of use, and an intuitive tool set that helps home buyers and home sellers work closely with real estate agents and that simplifies the real estate process for everyone.”

    “Home sellers want both the convenience of a technology enabled brokerage as well as the full service expertise of a seasoned real estate agent in person or over the phone, especially when dealing with such a major investment like buying or selling a home” Jon Shields, Creative Director of LystHouse, said in an interview.  “LystHouse is doing both.”

    This mix of vertically integrated technology and real life agent support is something that has never been done before in the real estate industry and people are taking notice. Real estate investors are keeping an eye on LystHouse, and with good reason. The company is changing the archaic real estate process for property buyers and home sellers – and it’s about time too.

    Demand for Dallas Homes for Sale is high and inventory of new homes for sale in North Texas is increasing. No doubt the North Texas Housing Market is heating up.

    By using LystHouse, home sellers keep more of their equity and maximize their ROI (Return On Investment). Home sellers also get all the help and advice they need from a local and licensed real estate agent in person or over the phone. LystHouse also provides full service, low cost FSBO (for sale by owner) and assisted selling options.

    Selling your home is simple and easy with LystHouse. LystHouse gives you access to the MLS and thousands of other websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others just to name a few – all from your online dashboard. You also get marketing access to local real estate agents and brokers to maximize your home’s lysting power. You even get access to real estate agents who are available to manage as little or as much of the process as you need to get your home sold fast. Customers really have nothing to lose because there is even a Money Back Guarantee.

    The savings for home sellers is HUGE. Some home sellers have saved over $10,000 by using LystHouse.

    “We’re cutting out big real estate commissions, and putting our customer first by giving them an awesome support team of seasoned and local real estate agents, that care more about their customers’ satisfaction than about their commission.” Wingate said.

    LystHouse is also changing the real estate landscape for home buyers too. In fact, if you buy your new home with LystHouse, they will sell your house for free.  All you have to do is find the home you would like to buy anywhere on the internet and a LystHouse real estate agent will show it to you. LystHouse real estate agents don’t care how many homes or showings it takes before you find the right home for you and your family because at LystHouse, customer satisfaction is paramount.

    So if you find a home for sale on Zillow or Trulia that you like and are interested in buying, all you need to do is call LystHouse to get started with a real estate agent and schedule a showing.

    The bad news for traditional real estate agents is that they may be getting fired or losing their jobs in droves soon because LystHouse is destroying ridiculous commissions in the real estate industry. The real estate community is facing several fundamental shifts this year. If real estate agents and brokerages can’t adapt along with the new technologies, like LystHouse is pioneering, then many realtors will be left in the dust with fewer and fewer customers.

    The good news for traditional real estate agents is LystHouse is hiring and accepting real estate agent applications here.

    Are you ready to save money when selling your home?  Give LystHouse a call to sell your house fast and maximize your ROI. A professional real estate agent is standing by. (855) 866.8339


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  • Great News for Home Sellers as Rising Home Sales Heat Up North Texas Housing Market


    Should I sell my home? If you’re asking yourself that question in north Texas, there is good news. The North Texas housing market is heating up, and now is a great time for home sales.

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  • 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Listing Their Homes for Sale

    Home Selling Mistakes

    Selling your home is a big deal. Before you begin this journey, its important to do your research so you avoid potential pitfalls and don’t lose your investment. Below are 5 common mistakes every home seller needs to avoid.

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