• North Texas Home Sales Continue to Heat Up The Housing Market as DFW Home Prices Reach Historic Highs


    We told you in March that rising home sales were heating up the North Texas Housing Market, and that trend continues. North Texas Home Sales continue to rise as average home prices continue to climb and reach historic new highs. For North Texas Home Sellers, that’s good news. Due to the limited supply of homes for sale in the Dallas – Fort. Worth Metroplex, average home prices in April were up 14 percent compared to last year. And because of the limited supply, and increased market demand, home prices don’t look like they’re going to stop climbing anytime soon.

    As we move into June, DFW home sellers should be able to set their home price at new heights. Dallas is leading the nation in year over year home price increases. Home Sellers can best take advantage of rising home prices and maximize their ROI (return on investment) by using a full service real estate brokerage like LystHouse that only charges a 1% commission on home sales allowing home owners to keep more of their equity.

    “The current atmosphere is ripe for property sellers to sell quickly and for more money than ever before. We haven’t seen a market like this in years. ” said John Wingate, CEO of LystHouse, Inc., the technology enabled real estate brokerage based in Dallas, TX and serving all of Texas.

    The added benefit for home sellers who are moving and buying a new house is that LystHouse will sell their house for free if they purchase their new house through a LystHouse agent.

    LystHouse is a full-service technology enabled real estate brokerage that leverages modern technology to simplify and speed up the the real estate process to get your home marketed, and ‘lysted’ in more places than ever before.

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  • More Homes for Sale in Dallas

    real estate chess pieces are on the move in north Texas

    Looking for Homes for sale in Dallas? Real Estate chess pieces are on the move in North Texas. Dallas based company and technology enabled real estate brokerage, LystHouse Inc., is making waves in the Real Estate Industry as it empowers consumers and real estate agents alike.

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