• A Letter from the President

    John Wingate

    Whether you’re a current client, or considering us for the first time, Welcome to LystHouse! Home is where the heart is, and like Dorothy said, there’s no place like it. More than just land with a building and a bed where you lay your head at night, your home is breakfast in your pajamas, children taking their first steps, a warm dog cuddled up with you on the couch, & Netflix marathons with a bottle of wine (or two). It’s BBQ cookouts and Sunday night football, catching fireflies, and turning lemons into lemonade. Home is a soft place to land at the end of a long day.

    At LystHouse, we understand the importance of making a house a home and we endeavor to provide you with the highest quality of customer service and keep the personal touch of a small business, despite our rapid growth. I’m very proud of our team of agents and what we’ve been able to accomplish while pioneering the full service technology-enabled brokerage. We continually strive to save you money and make the home buying and home selling process as easy and as seamless as possible. Should you ever have an issue that requires immediate attention, or feel that your experience is less than satisfactory, feel free to reach out directly to me by email: john.wingate@lysthouse.com, or call my direct number at 281-682-1444.

    Thanks, and WELCOME to LystHouse.

    John Wingate, President – License No. 0573285

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  • Starting Today, Real Estate will never be the same.

    lysthouse property search

    Great news! LystHouse is launching a whole bunch of new real estate technology this month! Now, even while you’re at home on the couch, you can search for property to buy, rent, or lease lightning fast! And for property owners, it only takes a few minutes to put your property up for sale, rent, or lease with new easy to use real estate technology powered by LystHouse.com

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  • The Real Estate Revolution is Real Simple

    Sell your home for only 1 percent

    Sell your house with modern technology and full service support from all of our licensed agents 24/7/365 for only 1%. If you qualify, we’ll sell your house for free.

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  • More Homes for Sale in Dallas

    real estate chess pieces are on the move in north Texas

    Looking for Homes for sale in Dallas? Real Estate chess pieces are on the move in North Texas. Dallas based company and technology enabled real estate brokerage, LystHouse Inc., is making waves in the Real Estate Industry as it empowers consumers and real estate agents alike.

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  • Fit for Royalty – Some of the Most Beautiful Castles in France #DreamHome

    They certainly don’t make homes like this anymore! Here are some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL castles in France fit for Royalty. Ooh La La, Can you say Dream Home? I’ll settle for a moat! How about you? Do you know what you want in your dream home? Get in touch with one of our seasoned real estate agents today by phone at (855) 866-8339 or by live chat at the bottom of this page.

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  • Savvy Home Sellers Are Already Using Technology Enabled Real Estate Brokerages, and That Scares Traditional Real Estate Agents

    Good News for Savvy #HomeSellers embracing Technology Enabled #RealEstate Brokerages

    The real estate industry is facing many fundamental shifts this year. Traditional Real Estate Agents are seeing their clients turn to technology enabled brokerages. That’s one of the reasons Dallas based brokerage and real estate industry disrupter, LystHouse Inc., is investing a whole lot money in their real estate agents and automated, technology based real estate systems this year.

    The archaic system of real estate agents and the home selling process has not changed much since its inception well before the internet was invented. Now, with LystHouse, you get all the benefits of having a real agent, coupled with LystHouse’s new technology enabled systems, allowing LystHouse customers to save an average of $8,495.00 when selling their home.

    LystHouse provides all the tools and services of a traditional real estate brokerage but with slick technology and low overhead to pass the savings on to their customers. LystHouse only charges 1% to sell property with an agent, and the best marketing, and technology available. If you buy a home with LystHouse, the company will sell your house for free. Some are calling LystHouse the Uber of the real estate industry just because of how revolutionary the LystHouse home selling technology is, and they are certainly sending shockwaves throughout the real estate industry as traditional real estate agents are being rendered obsolete.

    Millennials aren’t the only ones taking advantage of new real estate technology that automates the home buying process. At Lysthouse Inc., about 15 percent of customer acquisition this year alone was of Seniors aged 65 and over.

    “It’s very advantageous for home sellers over using a traditional real estate agent” said John Wingate, CEO of LystHouse Inc. “We thought our target market would primarily be millennials and those more comfortable with technology but we’re finding we were wrong. We’re getting customers from every end of the spectrum: young and old, male, and female. Everybody wants to maximize their ROI (return on investment) when they sell their home and LystHouse has the highest average of savings in the real estate and home sales industry.”  

    Wingate also added that he believes the diverse customer base was due to “ease of use, and an intuitive tool set that helps home buyers and home sellers work closely with real estate agents and that simplifies the real estate process for everyone.”

    “Home sellers want both the convenience of a technology enabled brokerage as well as the full service expertise of a seasoned real estate agent in person or over the phone, especially when dealing with such a major investment like buying or selling a home” Jon Shields, Creative Director of LystHouse, said in an interview.  “LystHouse is doing both.”

    This mix of vertically integrated technology and real life agent support is something that has never been done before in the real estate industry and people are taking notice. Real estate investors are keeping an eye on LystHouse, and with good reason. The company is changing the archaic real estate process for property buyers and home sellers – and it’s about time too.

    Demand for Dallas Homes for Sale is high and inventory of new homes for sale in North Texas is increasing. No doubt the North Texas Housing Market is heating up.

    By using LystHouse, home sellers keep more of their equity and maximize their ROI (Return On Investment). Home sellers also get all the help and advice they need from a local and licensed real estate agent in person or over the phone. LystHouse also provides full service, low cost FSBO (for sale by owner) and assisted selling options.

    Selling your home is simple and easy with LystHouse. LystHouse gives you access to the MLS and thousands of other websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others just to name a few – all from your online dashboard. You also get marketing access to local real estate agents and brokers to maximize your home’s lysting power. You even get access to real estate agents who are available to manage as little or as much of the process as you need to get your home sold fast. Customers really have nothing to lose because there is even a Money Back Guarantee.

    The savings for home sellers is HUGE. Some home sellers have saved over $10,000 by using LystHouse.

    “We’re cutting out big real estate commissions, and putting our customer first by giving them an awesome support team of seasoned and local real estate agents, that care more about their customers’ satisfaction than about their commission.” Wingate said.

    LystHouse is also changing the real estate landscape for home buyers too. In fact, if you buy your new home with LystHouse, they will sell your house for free.  All you have to do is find the home you would like to buy anywhere on the internet and a LystHouse real estate agent will show it to you. LystHouse real estate agents don’t care how many homes or showings it takes before you find the right home for you and your family because at LystHouse, customer satisfaction is paramount.

    So if you find a home for sale on Zillow or Trulia that you like and are interested in buying, all you need to do is call LystHouse to get started with a real estate agent and schedule a showing.

    The bad news for traditional real estate agents is that they may be getting fired or losing their jobs in droves soon because LystHouse is destroying ridiculous commissions in the real estate industry. The real estate community is facing several fundamental shifts this year. If real estate agents and brokerages can’t adapt along with the new technologies, like LystHouse is pioneering, then many realtors will be left in the dust with fewer and fewer customers.

    The good news for traditional real estate agents is LystHouse is hiring and accepting real estate agent applications here.

    Are you ready to save money when selling your home?  Give LystHouse a call to sell your house fast and maximize your ROI. A professional real estate agent is standing by. (855) 866.8339


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