• Painting to Sell Your House Fast – Home Staging


    If you are thinking about selling your home, you should know that first impressions are everything to home buyers. One quick home improvement you can make to sell your home faster is to paint the interiors. Whether you need to remove old wallpaper or just update your walls with a fresh and current look, a little fresh paint is sometimes all it takes to woo over a home buyer and take that home from “for sale” to “sold”.

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  • Learn How to Sell Your House Fast: Home-Staging


    Buying and selling your house online is quick and easy with LystHouse.com. Plus, the average home seller and buyer saves thousands of more dollars than by using a traditional real estate agent.

    That said, there are SOME things you must do  when selling your home so you don’t scare away potential buyers. This is where home-staging comes in.

    Home-staging:  preparing your house to appeal to buyers.

    When preparing your home for show time, remember: A fresh coat of paint and a little bit of landscaping goes a long way. Avoid colors like animal print and hot pink. Black is also bad.  Try neutral colors to inspire the buyer’s imagination.     

    Clean and put away all dirty dishes. Clean out that sink and take out the trash before any buyer walk through. Nobody wants to see that science experiment you’ve been keeping there.

    Organize and hide the clu­­­­tter. To each their own, but an offsite storage container is a great place to store your do-it-yourself taxidermy or home-made doll collection that may turn off some buyers.

    To sell your house fast, make sure to keep it immaculate. As word spreads like wildfire about your house on the market with LystHouse.com, a potential buyer may request a walk through at any moment.

    If you’re giving the tour yourself, make sure to make yourself available to answer all questions but also give potential buyers some alone time to kick it around and discuss things amongst themselves while they explore. You want them to really imagine themselves living there.

    So what are you waiting for? Selling your house online is quick and easy! Learn more about selling your home fast and check out other great articles on our blog at www.lysthouse.com/blog

    If you need assistance, a friendly and knowledgeable agent is ready to assist you. Call 855.866.8339 today.


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  • Wondering How to Sell Your House FAST?

    16 February 2016
    Learn How to Sell Your House Fast and Easy

    So you found your new dream home, or you’re a military service member relocating, taking a new job, downsizing, or simply can’t afford payments anymore, you NEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST! And whatever reason you have, you can sell your home quickly and easily on LystHouse.com ESPECIALLY if you take advantage of these 5 tips.

    #5. Price. In order to sell your house fast, price is the key. Match your houses with others in your neighborhood that have recently sold. You can search for yourself here or ask for any one of our realtors at LystHouse.com for assistance by calling (855) 866-8339.

    #4. Prepare. If you’re serious about selling your house fast, then it is absolutely imperative that you prepare your home to be seen by potential buyers. This is called home staging. So go ahead and make any repairs and spruce the house up so potential buyers are attracted to it and can imagine themselves living there. A fresh coat of paint and a little bit of landscaping goes a long way.

    #3. Clean. Once your house goes up on LystHouse.com and word about it spreads, a potential buyer may want to see it at any moment. This is why it is extremely important to keep your house clean at all times. Keep the dishes done, and junk and clutter hidden away. Rent an off-site storage container if you need to so potential buyers aren’t distracted by your…collection.

    #2. Incentives. When a buyer is on the fence about a purchase or just needs some extra influence, incentives go a long way. From offering to pay closing costs, to a decorating allowance or even just throwing in appliances or furniture, incentives go a long way to influencing potential buyers that just need a little extra motivation to seal the deal.

    #1. Full Service. If you’re looking for a money saving but hands off approach with experienced and knowledgeable realty professionals, you can get started in minutes with LystHouse.com. You’ll pay ZERO dollars and only 1% at closing. This saves you thousands of dollars compared to traditional realtors. And you can bet our realtors put a FIRE under it to sell your house fast.

    So what are you waiting for? Listing your house for sale on LystHouse.com is FREE! Get started HERE.

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