Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

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It is snowing outside, temperatures are dropping, the neighborhood is in a joyous mood— and you are Googling tops tips for selling your home during the holidays.

It is the time of year when calendars are crammed with holiday parties, gift-giving constrains budgets and the roads are either littered with fall foliage or freshly fallen snow. Alas, it is not the best season for selling your home. Nevertheless, the heartening news is that the few gallant house-hunters who do look out are serious about purchasing a house, and an attractive piece of real estate will make them want to embrace the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year holiday in your home. It is because you are not the only homeowner who is considering home selling during the holidays as the majority do not want the hassle.

It is fantastic news for you because you would not have to compete with several other similar homes to grab buyers’ attention. Less inventory means more buyers are checking out your home, either online or in person. Therefore, keep their attention by ensuring that your home is priced to sell and that your home is ready for viewing at all times.

Following are top tips for selling your home during the holidays;

Hire a LystHouse real estate agent.

First and foremost resist the urge to ask your LystHouse real estate agent: can you sell my home fast? Any LystHouse agent working during the holidays is bound to put forward all of his or her efforts to close the deal. Moreover, getting a reliable LystHouse real estate agent on board means that the professional will not vanish during the holidays, and while you’re doing necessary trimmings to your home, the agent will be selling your home during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. With a LystHouse agent selling your home, you can rest at ease and have more time to enjoy the holidays.

Price it to sell

It is critical not to overshoot with your asking price when selling your home during the festive season. It is because buyers who can afford to wait until the summer to purchase will overlook your home if the asking price seems too high.  While you do not want to sell your home for a song and dance, you have to be pragmatic about ongoing market expectations. Therefore, set a price that is fair for your home and your neighborhood, and work with your LystHouse real estate agent to focus on specific buyers. Individuals on a deadline, including investors on tax deadlines, college students and staff, individuals relocating for jobs in your area, and military personnel, if you live nearby a military facility. Thankfully, you can sell with LystHouse for just 1% or for FREE if you’re also buying. This gives you greater price flexibility when competing with other neighborhood homes.

Offer incentives

One of the top tips for selling your home fast is to offer incentives to buyers who are willing to go through a wintertime move. Therefore, offer to take care of the closing costs or install new appliances in the kitchen, for instance. It is because unique seller’s discounts and/or home improvements can sweeten the deal for buyers who are interested in your piece of real estate but need that delicate push to make an offer.

Display tastefully festive decorations

You want interested individuals to be able to imagine themselves leading a good life in your home, and highlighting some holiday spirit is feasible since you are selling your home during Christmas, or other holidays. Therefore, from hanging a wreath on the main door to decking out your mantelpiece with aromatic winter greenery, ornamenting your home in holiday splendor can help homebuyers fall in love. However, it is critical not to go overboard by including decorations that are palpably religious or a little too personal since you are aspiring to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

Boost curb appeal

One of the top tips for selling your home during the holidays is to give at least half the attention to the exterior of your house as you would give to its interior. Therefore, do not neglect the part that meets the eye first up just because the trees are shedding, or snow is falling. It is permissible to fix that pathway by installing the missing blocks, or giving a quick makeover to your front garden since the first impressions matter most!

The writer expects that the aforementioned top tips for selling your home fast will give you a good starting point to selling your home during the holidays.

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