What To Know if You’re Selling Your Home This Year

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The property market is turbulent and prices will go up and fall by the time you make up your mind to actually sell your home. When you need advice or just want to get a free home valuation to see how much your home is worth, give LystHouse a call. Our licensed experts can look at the market in your area, meet with you to consider enhancements, remodeling, or upgrades, and determine your home’s value.

 In order to make the right decision regarding a house sale, there are some things that you should know.

If you have already found a new place and are planning to make a down payment on it, or if you plan to buy it using the money you’ll get from selling your old home, then you need to be extra careful about what deal you sign on. Our advice would be to speak with a Licensed agent at Lysthouse and consider the points we have stated below first, instead of setting your heart on a new property and then making hasty decisions or deals to get it.

Our experts and these tips will save you from a bad deal that could potentially spoil your future plans, and help get you a good deal out of your house sale:


Market research

Research the local housing market before putting your current house on the market or leasing a new place. This way you won’t have any unrealistic expectations and you will be able to make a better decision. A LystHouse agent can send you comparable homes selling in your area.

Research these four things:

  • How many homes are currently up for sale
  • How long they have been on the market
  • Their condition and features
  • The offering price


Setting the price

It is very important that you set the right price. Asking for too little will be a loss for you and fixing a very high price will make it very hard for you to find a buyer. Also, evaluate the potential losses or gains before fixing a range, like real estate commissions, transfer charges, tax basis and settlement charges. A LystHouse agent can provide this information to you.


First impression

Improve the curb appeal of your house by fixing its outer appearance because the first impression of your house can get a buyer hooked on it. If your house looks amazing from the inside, but its front door or main entrance is ugly, then the buyers will tour the house half-heartedly. A LystHouse agent can tell you if you need to make updates or repairs before putting the home on the market.


Renovation and repairs

Consider renovations an investment. If you spend some money to fix up your house and make it better then it will sell for a higher price in comparison to a shabby looking home. Don’t have the money or time to handle a remodel? No problem! Sign up at FlypHouse.com for a free offer.


Try other options

Don’t rely solely on your realtor, showcase your home on property websites like Realtor.com, and try other avenues like social media.


Best time to sell

Read up on what the best times are to sell your home before putting it on the market, some months are considered to be more profitable than others, so be wise.


Name of the street

It might not sound like much, but street names actually matter more than you can imagine. According to a New York Times article, houses that are located on named streets are valued 2% more than houses situated on numbered streets.


Consider these points in detail and do your homework, before you decide to sell your house. Then and only then you should make a decision. If you still think selling your home is a good idea, then explore all avenues, get a few estimates from LystHouse agents, consider the quotes, and then shake on it.  Sell with LystHouse for just 1%. If you buy your next home with LystHouse, we’ll sell your current home for FREE saving you 3% of the sales price at closing. So don’t wait, get started today. Now, CALL US! (855) 866-8339


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