We're making real estate simple for everyone.

We're making real estate simple for everyone.

LystHouse is pioneering the technology enabled real estate brokerage.

Why haven’t other companies tried to do this already? Well, they have. Just not very well. Before LystHouse, companies have tried to fix the archaic real estate process by offering third party tech tools and other shiny bells and whistles to agents along with inaccurate computer run home valuations to customers, or big discounts while sacrificing service. But the gap between what real estate tech companies want, what real estate agents want, and what the consumer wants has only widened. LystHouse is changing that with low cost highly automated real estate solutions that make the real estate process simpler, quicker, and more cost effective for everyone. Customer Service is at the forefront of our business model. Every tool in our toolkit was built to offer value to the client and save them time and money.

Currently, LystHouse is continuing development of new features that leverage multiple technologies to provide excellent customer service and value to clients. We'd love to know what you think! You can contact us here.

Our Values

Be respectful to our customers and our employees
Be honest and transparent
Know how to be courageous to embrace and drive change
Know how to solve problems
Do deliver excellent service
Do more faster with less
Remain innovative and responsive to client service needs.
Pioneer and develop services that not only exceed customer expectations, but provides technology based solutions for unrealized needs, thus always staying ahead of the technology curve.


We are proud to work alongside some of the biggest names in real estate.

Zillow Real Estate Search national association of realtors Great Schools


When our powers combine - you win.

When our powers combine - you win.

When you sell your home with LystHouse, you also have the option of remodeling your home before you sell it, for $0 out of pocket costs through FlypHouse, a partner company providing a service that will remodel your home to maximize your profit when you sell for $0 out of pocket to you.

The outcome is amazing.

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