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Because your not paying 6% to traditional realtors, you've got flexibility.

Pay only 1% Commission

With LystHouse, you pay just 1% - less than 1/3 of the usual listing fee.*

Sell Fast

Homes listed with LystHouse sell faster than homes listed with traditional brokerages

*Source: MLS data; 2016 Real Trends, Inc. data. Minimum commissions apply. Buyer’s agent commission not included. See full terms and conditions.

Strategic pricing

Based on your needs and the local real estate data, your LystHouse Agent will come up with a pricing strategy to sell your home for the highest possible price.

A LystHouse Agent will:

  • Prepare a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA), showing recent comparable home sales and demand in your neighborhood
  • Talk with you to understand your selling motivations and timeline
  • Walk through your home’s selling features and suggest improvements that could lift your price Recommend a target price, plus a marketing plan for how to get it

Sell your House with Modern Technology

Maximize your ROI

Create Your Lysting

Get started below by requesting a FREE onsite consultation. Power your selling expierence with modern technology that puts you in front of more buyers and saves you more money and time than ever before with our technology enabled 1% real estate solution and full service support.

Meet With an Agent

We send out a licensed agent to review your home and give you all the tips you need. We throw in FREE pro photos, a premium yard sign, txt msg marketing, and every tool in our arsenal to sell your home faster and for more cash. Our team of friendly and licensed real estate agents are there for you 24/7/365.

Get Your Offer

Now that your house is listed, we dont stop there, we utilize and employe the best technology and agents in the business, who work tirelessly to get you the best deal possible. We handle contract negotiation, closing coordination and everything else you'd expect from a modern brokerage.

See how much you can save by selling your house through LystHouse

Drag the house to your selling price to see your savings.

est savings:
$50,000 $1 mil

When our powers combine - you win.

When our powers combine - you win.

When you sell your home with LystHouse, you also have the option of remodeling your home before you sell it, for $0 out of pocket costs through FlypHouse, a partner company providing a service that will remodel your home to maximize your profit when you sell for $0 out of pocket to you.

The outcome is amazing.

Save Money Selling your Home with Modern Real Estate Technology

LystHouse leverages modern technology to empower consumers with full service real estate at a fraction of the cost. Create your listing in just minutes. Then schedule your FREE pro photos and get your property listed on thousands of websites, all with 24/7 service and support of friendly and licensed real estate agents. Pay only 1% at closing so you save thousands in fees. With LystHouse, superior service just comes standard!

It takes just a minute to create a free LystHouse lysting for your property. Its simple, all we need is your address to start.

Setting your LystPrice

We determine your automated lysting price by comparing sold homes from the MLS and data from other 3rd party sites. This information may not always be accurate due to upgrades and remodels that you have made to your home. An agent will confirm all of this information with you and perform a detailed comparative market analysis to make sure your home is listed at the best possible price.

Support you need. When you want it.

24/7/365 support by friendly, knowledgeable, and licensed real estate agents via Chat. Phone, Email, or In Person. Just call (855) 866-8339, email, or click to chat.

Service With LystHouse Traditional Brokerage
Commission 1% 3%
FREE Pro Photos Who Knows?
Free Lysting Online Nope
Unlimited Lysting Changes Nope
Social Media Marketing Tools Nope
Automated Showings Nope
24/7 Fanatical Customer Support Good luck
Lysted on the MLS
Lysted on Who Knows?
Yahoo! Homes plus hundreds more Who Knows?
Redfin + Trulia + thousands more Who Knows?
Yard Sign
Lock Box
Open Houses Who knows?
Expert Contract Negotiation & Review Who Knows?
Closing Coordination Who Knows?
Virtual Home Tour
Pro Photos
Pro Tools
Pro Strategy

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